1071 Budapest, VII. District, Bajza street 2. II. Floor 3rd, bell: 18

Our team

Dr. István Pol

I graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University. I became an independent dentist very soon and founded my own practice. I have been the district doctor of the 10th district of Budapest for years and have an extensive number of patients. I started my private practice in 2014 here in the consulting-room at Bajza street.
I think that originality and empathy are neglected values nowadays. My goal is to provide a correct, precise, painless and long-lasting service. It is important to me that both my patients and myself are fully happy with the result, and that my patients come to the visits happily. Many people are complaining that they would like to get back the health of their teeth, but because of negative experiences, they are afraid of the dentist. I am glad to see that when people are sitting in my chair the anxious expression disappears quickly from their faces and they leave the consulting-room being happy and satisfied. I believe that not only the tooth has to be healed but also that the patients themselves have to be helped and inspired, to make them live a happier life.

Szabó Tünde

"Nagyon fontosnak tartom, hogy a páciensek a lehető legkellemesebben érezzék magukat a kezelés alatt. Egy kedves mosoly tapasztalatom szerint többet ér, pár bíztató szónál. Munkámat igényesen és lelkiismeretesen végzem, törekszem a maximális precizitásra."
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